ichigaya station - edo castle moat

What does Ichigaya mean?

OK, so I’ve wanted to write about Ichigaya for a long time, but it is connected to a few other place names which have made it difficult to cover until now. I’m just gonna through this out there now and say my gut instinct tells me none of the etymologies we’ll see today are correct and we’ll never know the true etymology. That said, there’s a little Ota Dokan connection, so heads up to all the Ota Dokan fans out there. Continue reading What does Ichigaya mean?

What does Monzen-nakacho mean?

My 100th post! And I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!!

Today we’re talking about an area steeped in the spirit of the old Low Town of Edo. Shitamachi, shrines, temples, sumo and Meiji Government being douchey (surprise surprise). Today’s Tokyo place name is Monzen-Nakacho.

Got Sumo? Continue reading What does Monzen-nakacho mean?