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If you like JapanThis!, then you also might be interested in some of this other awesome content. Most of these websites are run by my friends, many by acquaintances, and a small handful by mysterious people online who just make cool shit. Anyways, it’s stuff I like and I think you might too.

Oiran at the 2019 Shinagawa-shuku Oiran Dochu. sites i like

Japanese History Websites

  • Samurai Archives Wiki
    The original source of independent Japanese history research on the web
  • JCastle
    The go-to site for all things related to Japanese castles
  • Sengoku Daimyo
    Repository of independent research on premodern Japan
  • Heritage of Japan
    Repository of independent research about the Jо̄mon and Ainu peoples
  • Deep Azabu (Japanese only)
    Repository of independent research related to Tо̄kyо̄’s Minato, Shinagawa, and surrounding wards
  • Deep Azabu on Facebook (Japanese only)
    New and recycled content from the above site with comments enabled and more photos
  • Kantо̄ Rekishi Ryokо̄ Jо̄hо̄ (Japanese only)
    Collection of photos, CGI models, and research related to premodern highways and post towns
  • Rekishikan (Swedish only)
    Blog about all kinds of Japanese history topics, from samurai to international relations.

Japanese History Podcasts

Japan Photography Websites

  • Rekishi no Tabi
    Beautiful photos of Tо̄kyо̄ and all Japan accompanied with historical explanations and anecdotes
  • Jordy Meow
    Photographer specializing in, but by no means limited to, abandoned sites.
  • Tokyo in Pics
    Photos of Tо̄kyо̄ arranged in very orderly categories with brief explanations; very browsable
  • Old Tokyo
    A dealer of vintage Japanese postcards; even if you’re not buying, they’re lovely to peruse

Japan Travel Blogs

  • A Different Side of Japan
    A digital marketer, who like me, has a passion for exploring Japan’s more intriguing sides, not the same ol’ crap everyone else does
  • JapanThis! Tours
    A really cool guy with no web design skills but can talk your arm off about Japanese history and culture, and hates mainstream shite. You may have heard of him.
  • Castle Expo
    Advertised as a Japanese castle extravaganza, it’s really more of a domestic tourism exhibition
  • Tourism Expo Japan
    Largest travel-related trade show in the world, with a huge room dedicated to domestic tourism in Japan

Japan Culture Sites

Japan Instagrammers that I Like

  • Lonny Chick
    Photos of traditional Japan, often many black/white photos of geiko (Kyо̄to geisha) and maiko (Kyо̄to geisha apprentices)
  • Kuumil
    Awesome photos of geiko and maiko from Kyо̄to
  • Matsumoto Wakana
    Fantastic photos of Kyо̄to-based geiko, maiko, and other traditional subjects
  • Geisha-kai
    Polish girl in Kyо̄to who shares many lovely pictures of maiko and geiko
  • Shinagawonder
    Instagram for Shinagawa Ward Tourism Board; they need to hire me. Tell them in the comments, they need help lol
  • Manpugama
    Zaо̄-based family run pottery business; awesome traditional pottery you can make too
  • Japonism Atelier
    Calligraphy and Japan-inspired fashion by Rie Takeda; including calligraphy of day in three styles
  • Takeda Souryu
    Calligraphy by a Tо̄kyо̄-based artist
  • Manico Tanaka
    Intensely intricate design work by Shimane-based illustrator Manico
  • Nana Nano
    One of my favorite Tо̄kyо̄-based Japanese models
  • Izumi Mana
    Tо̄kyо̄-based “actress” and model