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Book Review – Samurai Revolution

Hillsborough’s books have been “gateway drugs” into the Bakumatsu for many people, including myself. Here he takes a long form scholarly approach and nails it.

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Samurai Archives Podcast (part 1)

So……… yeah. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may have seen my giddy posts about doing a podcast with some of the guys from Samurai Archives. I finally got to do it and although I was super nervous to talk with them, it actually was the most normal and natural thing […]

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The Grave of Tokugawa Yoshinobu

The shogunate is finished… that’s not sad to me. The sad thing is closing out this chapter on a subject that is so personal to me. I also love Yoshinobu because after a hundred years of 微妙 shoguns, we got a guy who represented his era and his pedigree exceptionally. Until the bitter end, Yoshinobu was an aristocrat, but in a time of crisis he took the challenge and helped to save the shogun family line persist until the present day.

Japanese Shrines & Temples Tokugawa Shogun Graves Travel in Japan

Bunsho-in・the Grave of Tokugawa Ienobu

The second greatest funerary complex at Zojo-ji was Bunshoin, the mortuary temple of the 6th shogun, Tokugawa Ienobu.

Almost nothing remains of the site, but I hope to walk you through it today as best as I can.