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What does Hachiōji mean?

Hachiōji is a suburb in West Tōkyō and home to a haunted mountain.

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Setagaya and its Freaky Horse Fetish

There are a cluster of places names related to horses in Setagaya and I want to get to the bottom of it!

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The Kanda River

The story of the Kanda River is a story as old as Edo itself. It is part and parcel of the evolution of the city.

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What does Ushigome mean?

牛込 Ushigome (Crowd of Cows) 。 。 牛 ushi cow 込 komi[i] swarming, huddling, amassed, crowded, “in bulk” 。 According to Japanese Wikipedia[ii], in 701, in accordance to the Taihō Code, a livestock ranch was established in this area. In fact, two were established which were sometimes referred to as 牛牧 gyūmaki a cow ranch […]

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What does Edo mean?

Went a little long on this on… sorry about that. But I love Tokyo. I wanted to explore the forgotten side…