What does Ueno mean?

上野Ueno (Upper Field) Many place names in Japan are named after the location of old fields. Ueno (upper field), Shimono (lower field), and Nakano (middle field) are some common ones. Of course, the most famous Ueno is in Tokyo. It’s sometimes called 上野の山 (Ueno Mountain/Hill) and I suspect this elevation (20 meters above sea level) is the source of the name. Continue reading What does Ueno mean?

Why is Uguisuidani called Uguisudani?

鶯谷 Uguisudani (Nightingale Valley) The area was famous for bird watching in the Edo Period – no TV, so, ya know. It’s a small valley behind Ueno Park.  I don’t think there are any nightingales here anymore, but speakers on the train platform play recordings of nightingale calls all day long. It’s also famous for love hotels. And if you want a Taiwanese obasan hooker, just wink at the old ladies on any corner. lol Continue reading Why is Uguisuidani called Uguisudani?