What does Tabata mean?

田端Tabata (on the edge of the field) First Let’s Start with the Kanji, Shall We? 田ta rice paddy 端hata edge, boundary, beside, close to This is a place name found all over Japan, with reading variations. It’s also a family name found all over Japan… yes, also with reading variations[i]. And despite sounding really backwatery to our modern ears, many people with this family name can apparently claim descent from the 源氏 Minamoto-shi/Genji Minamoto clan. So, stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. In the Edo Period, 田端村 Tabata Mura Tabata Village was located on a section of the … Continue reading What does Tabata mean?

What does Monzen-nakacho mean?

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Today we’re talking about an area steeped in the spirit of the old Low Town of Edo. Shitamachi, shrines, temples, sumo and Meiji Government being douchey (surprise surprise). Today’s Tokyo place name is Monzen-Nakacho.

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