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What does Kamata mean?

Discover the fascinating history of Kamata, from an ancient samurai clan’s influence to its transformation into a modern, safe urban suburb. Uncover the secrets of cattails, plum blossoms, and the yakuza’s impact in this intriguing journey through Tokyo’s lesser-known past. Continue reading What does Kamata mean?

Shinagawa Station – Then and Now

Shinagawa Station in History I haven’t updated in a while, so please accept my apologies. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment but there is an article in the works. That said, an idea came to me while on the shitter thinking about Edo Bay vs. Tōkyō Bay (as one does). So I thought I’d share a bunch of cool pictures of Shinagawa. In the Edo Period, the Shinagawa/Takanawa area was a collection of bustling seaside villages, but compared to castle town of Edo, it was quite rural. It was the literal edge of Edo. The Tōkaidō, … Continue reading Shinagawa Station – Then and Now

Need a Cheap Place to Stay in Tokyo?

If you or any of your friends are thinking of coming to Tōkyō on a budget, I can recommend a new, clean, super cheap guesthouse! At about $30 a night, it beats any regular hotel in the Tōkyō area. This is the same price as a “capsule hotel” which is no way to travel.  Plus, you’ll be staying in one of the coolest, most historical areas still left in the city where you can get in touch with “Old Japan.” when a new business opens in japan, other local businesses and supporters send signs and gifts like this My friend … Continue reading Need a Cheap Place to Stay in Tokyo?