What does Musashi mean?

This is bound to be a work in progress. There are tons of useful images that I want but I can’t find. If anyone has helpful information to add or correct, by all means leave a comment. Also, I may have done a bad job explaining, so if things aren’t clear, please ask questions in the comments section.

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What does Akabane mean?

赤羽 Akabane (Red Wings; but more at Red Clay) Today’s place name etymology is a pretty interesting one because we will get a sneak peak at the extinct pre-Edo Period dialect of the area. Akabane sits in the northern part of Kita Ward. It’s basically next to Kawakuchi, Saitama. So it’s on the literal outskirts of Tōkyō. Mind you, you won’t see any difference leaving Tōkyō and entering Saitama due to the thorough urban sprawl. Historically speaking, 赤羽村 Akabane Mura Akabane Village wasn’t a particularly important place, but in the Kamakura Period a highway called 岩槻街道 Iwatsuki Kaidō was built. … Continue reading What does Akabane mean?