Top 10 Japanese Songs of Summer 1

Japanese Top 10 Songs of Summer (part 1) This list is divided into 2 parts. The first part is a little more traditional, or at least songs that you’ll associate with summer because they only are heard in the summer or because they are about the summer. The second half is made of songs I think sounds awesome when chilling at the beach or a barbecue. PART 1 #1 阿波よしこの Awa Yoshikono This is the song the accompanies the most famous of the 盆踊り Bon Odori dances. The dance and this incarnation of the song originated in 徳島県 Tokushima-ken Tokushima … Continue reading Top 10 Japanese Songs of Summer 1

Joken-in・the Grave of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Last time, I wrote about the 4th shogun, Tokugawa Ietsuna. Today let’s look at the grave of his younger brother, the much more famous Tokugawa Tsunayoshi – the so-called Dog Shogun. If you’ve been to Ueno Park, you may have seen the gate to his tomb. It’s much better preserved that Ietsuna’s and a little more centrally located… kinda. Continue reading Joken-in・the Grave of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Best Shoyu Rāmen in Tokyo?

My last two posts were about rāmen, I didn’t want to make another ramen post for a while…  but I happened upon a rāmen joint that just opened in my neighborhood 3 weeks ago — and let me tell you! This place is no joke! The name of the shop is JIRAIGEN. (地雷原 in Japanese, and here is the map!) The name means “minefield” – as in this shit’s gonna be a flavor explosion all up in your mouth. When I saw the name, I immediately made the connection with one of my all time favorite rāmen joints, BASA NOVA.  … Continue reading Best Shoyu Rāmen in Tokyo?

李苑 – Korean Barbecue in Nakano!

The holidays are over. My Christmas and O-shōgatsu breaks are finished. Even though I went back to work, the last 2 weeks have been 3 day weekends this year which really helped me ease into the new year. However, with funds low I just spent my days off loafing around the house with the girlfriend watching DVD’s and sleeping late. In other words, too busy to write anything in the blog. Yeah, I know it’s bad. I just started this blog and already I’m slacking off… Well, for better or for worse, slacking off is one of my talents. I … Continue reading 李苑 – Korean Barbecue in Nakano!