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What does Kitami mean?

Today let’s look at Kitami, a place name closely related to Edo.

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Tosho-gu・the Grave of Tokugawa Ieyasu

Not much to say on the topic of Toshogu (and to some degree, Taiyuin) because so much has already been said. The real meat of this series will be in the shrines that we can’t see today.

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What does Kasuga mean?

Kasuga no Tsubone, or Lady Kasuga, was a certified card carrying bad ass of the Muromachi Period and Edo Period. She instituted and managed the shogun’s harem. She had an income equal to that of a feudal lord. She pulled the strings of shogunal succession that guaranteed the ascendancy of Tokugawa Iemitsu, the first peace-time Tokugawa shogun. Tokyo remembers her with a street and train station. lol

Why is Kasuga Street called Kasuga Street?