Ramen References for the People

Just a quick follow up to my TOP 5 RAMEN SHOPS IN TOKYO. Before I try a new ramen shop, or if I get a craving for ramen but I’ll be in a part of town where I don’t know any next level ramen, I usually check the Ramen Database.  This site is an awesome user maintained database of ramen shops in Japan. You can search by location, name, styles — almost anything!  There are rankings and user submitted reviews.  The site is only in Japanese. http://ramendb.supleks.jp/ There are a few English websites that are easily found via Google. One … Continue reading Ramen References for the People

Marky Star’s Top 5 Ramen Shops in Tokyo♪

Laziness is one of my strong suits, and keeping true to form, I haven’t updated this blog in ages. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but work and the social life have been keeping me busy — and even though it takes a few minutes to read a blog entry, it actually takes much longer to write one. At least it does for me. Anyways, I decided today to offer my 2 cents on the issue of rāmen. This is a crazy topic to cover because there are so many people with rāmen mania here. Luckily I have 3-4 rāmen … Continue reading Marky Star’s Top 5 Ramen Shops in Tokyo♪