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What does Tachiaigawa mean?

A neighborhood in Tōkyō forgotten by time, but cool af.

Edo Execution Ground Spectacular! Japanese History

Kozukappara Execution Grounds

小塚原死刑場Kozukappara ShikeijōKozukappara Execution Ground This is probably Edo’s 2nd  most notorious execution ground. It definitely has the longest lasting legacy. The facility was in operation from 1651 – 1873. It’s said that 100,000 – 200,000 people were executed here. The killing floor is supposedly under the train tracks, and most of what remains is a […]

Edo Execution Ground Spectacular! Haunted Tokyo Japanese History

Edo Execution Ground Spectacular!!!

I hope I don’t lose readers for this series… but here we go. A 4 part series on the 3 execution grounds of Edo. It’s gory, depressing, spooky and fascinating.