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What does Kamata mean?

Discover the fascinating history of Kamata, from an ancient samurai clan’s influence to its transformation into a modern, safe urban suburb. Uncover the secrets of cattails, plum blossoms, and the yakuza’s impact in this intriguing journey through Tokyo’s lesser-known past. Continue reading What does Kamata mean?

Best Video Games Ever?

I’m not into video games. But if the video game has cute girls you tease, I’m willing to reconsider my position. After my girlfriend and I discovered the Puff! application for iPhone, I can’t tell you how many hours we’ve spent blowing up the skirts of cute girls. Now there’s a brand new one called Puff! Premium that adds more models and more panchira fun. Anyways, it’s loads of fun and never gets boring at parties… If the 3 VIDEO LINKS above weren’t enough, here’s the PUFF! Official CM: But I’m hear to talk about something much more nerdy than … Continue reading Best Video Games Ever?