Book Reviews

My system for reviewing books is, for the time being, as follows:

Part One:

 A little bloggy chit chat, updates, etc.
★ Quick Review: a chart based on expectations before I read the book, and my opinions after having read the book. I’ll include my ranking by a 5 star system in this chart.

Part Two:

 A point-by-point discussion of pros and cons.
 A page-by-page discussion of what I read.

As I said before, this is a work in progress. But I want to make a system that is standardized so I can review books fairly and hold them up to a certain level of quality. Of course, writing – like all art – can be a little subjective. Books have various purposes, too. A peer-reviewed scholarly article, a history book for mass consumption, a compendium of comparative maps, and a restaurant guide, shouldn’t be held to the same standards. All is not equal. Therefore, I tried to make the most objective Quick Review I could.

I envision Part One having the most value and Part Two as being extra for anyone who wants to hang around and keep reading.