What does Ushigome mean?

牛込 Ushigome (Crowd of Cows) 。 。 牛 ushi cow 込 komi[i] swarming, huddling, amassed, crowded, “in bulk” 。 According to Japanese Wikipedia[ii], in 701, in accordance to the Taihō Code, a livestock ranch was established in this area. In fact, two were established which were sometimes referred to as 牛牧 gyūmaki a cow ranch and 馬牧 umamaki a horse ranch. These two locations came to be referred to as 牛込 Ushigome and 駒込 Komagome. The fact that there was a cattle/dairy ranch here in the Asuka Period is a known fact (it’s documented). The horse ranch is a different … Continue reading What does Ushigome mean?

Explore the Ōedo Line

都営大江戸泉Toei Ōedo-sen (Metropolitan Greater Edo Area Line) Venice of East,Queen of Rails Edo was sometimes called the Venice of the East because its many rivers and moats were the fastest modes of transportation in the shōgun’s capital. Sadly, very little … Continue reading Explore the Ōedo Line

Yamanote and Shitamachi

山手と下町Yamanote to Shitamachi  (the High City and the Low City) Why Am I Re-Writing My Yamanote vs Shitamachi Page? Yes, there was another page here that explained – in a really scattershot way – my experiences with 山手 yamanote the … Continue reading Yamanote and Shitamachi