Shinagawa Station – Then and Now

Shinagawa Station in History I haven’t updated in a while, so please accept my apologies. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment but there is an article in the works. That said, an idea came to me while on the shitter thinking about Edo Bay vs. Tōkyō Bay (as one does). So I thought I’d share a bunch of cool pictures of Shinagawa. In the Edo Period, the Shinagawa/Takanawa area was a collection of bustling seaside villages, but compared to castle town of Edo, it was quite rural. It was the literal edge of Edo. The Tōkaidō, … Continue reading Shinagawa Station – Then and Now

sites i like

Sites I Like

Websites, Blogs, and More If you like JapanThis!, then you also might be interested in some of this other awesome content. Most of these websites are run by my friends, many by acquaintances, and a small handful by mysterious people … Continue reading Sites I Like

Execution Grounds of Edo

江戸之三大死刑所Edo no Sandai Shikeijo (the 3 Great Execution Grounds of Edo) Ritual cleanliness and ritual defilement were big issues in Pre-Modern Japan. Some of these issues are clearly still alive and well, though luckily these days things tend to be … Continue reading Execution Grounds of Edo