Yamanote and Shitamachi

山手と下町Yamanote to Shitamachi  (the High City and the Low City) Why Am I Re-Writing My Yamanote vs Shitamachi Page? Yes, there was another page here that explained – in a really scattershot way – my experiences with 山手 yamanote the … Continue reading Yamanote and Shitamachi

Why is Omotesando called Omotesando?

Omotesandō is one of Tokyo’s most fashionable and expensive neighborhoods. It’s famous for designer brand shops and high end hair salons. It’s located next to Harajuku, fashion epicenter for this kiddies, yet it has a decidedly mature flair. But what the hell does the name Omotesandō mean? Continue reading Why is Omotesando called Omotesando?