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Ōedo Line: Higashi Nakano & Nakai

In Japanese History on July 14, 2015 at 7:06 am

Higashi Nakano (East Nakano)

Higashi Nakano - so boring that you have to blur out people's faces.  No pride here.

Higashi Nakano – so boring that you have to blur out people’s faces.
No pride here.

As much good stuff as I have to say about Nakano, I have nothing to say about this part of town. Not that it’s a bad place; I just don’t know anything about it. I’ve only been there twice. Both times I ate very mediocre rāmen.


If you wanna know more about Nakano:

The only reason to come to this area. Check out this beautiful house!!!

The only reason to come to this area.
Check out Hayashi Fumiko’s beautiful house.

Nakai (middle well)

The place name is thought derive from a spring and headwaters used as an 井戸 ido well at the top of the 落合 Ochiai Plateau. A second theory suggests that the plateau was water rich and so there were many wells (or springs) there. Both are not mutually exclusive, but the first theory is backed up by the fact that modern Nakai Station is located in 上落合 Kami-Ochiai. In old village names 上 kami refers to upstream, 中 naka midstream, and 下 shimo downstream. Obviously, the start of a stream or river would be located upstream.

As for what’s in this area? I don’t know. I’ve never been, but it seems fairly residential. The only famous thing I could find online about it is the 林芙美子記念館 Hayashi Fumiko Kinenkan Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Museum. She was a Japanese writer and poet active in the Shōwa Era. All I know about her is this Wikipedia article . But if you like her writing, maybe this station is for you.

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  1. Nakai was a Kimono production place.
    The dying was done at one of the rivers and there is one festival reminding at that every year. It is called “some no komichi”.
    Nakai is still very popular among people who do hand crafts.

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