Samurai Archives Podcast (part 1)

So……… yeah. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may have seen my giddy posts about doing a podcast with some of the guys from Samurai Archives. I finally got to do it and although I was super nervous to talk with them, it actually was the most normal and natural thing ever. Three dudes geeking out on Japanese History.

It was awesome.

In the music business, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most inspiring people ever. Now, JapanThis has taken me into a totally other world, in which I am honored to be talking about history with a group of people who have been bringing Japanese History into the English speaking world since before I knew single kana.

Anyways, our conversation was recorded on their podcast and we talked so long, that there is actually a part two that I think will be released next week or the week after that. At any rate, of course, I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the link to the show:

(I recommend subscribing because… well, if you read my blog, you’ll love the Samurai Archives Podcast even more. Most of the additional reading links I give for background information on JapanThis come from their site.)


Finally, I’ve been working hard on this blog, but I’m covering really nerdy subjects. So, getting fans hasn’t been easy. However, there are a few leaders out there, like Samurai Archives, who have been movers and shakers in the dissemination of vital information about Japanese History to the common folks. Some of them are mentioned in my Links section at the bottom of every article (I hope you check).

But for you lazy bastards who don’t check, don’t worry your pretty heads.  Here’s a list of bookmarkable resources on Japan History that are always updated and always fun.

Samurai Archives
The originators… If you don’t subscribe, you’re pretty out of the loop…..
Samurai Archives is a kind of industry standard on the internet.

Japan World
He’s doing some really exciting stuff generally in Japanese AND English so… yeah, it’s high quality.
twitter: @JapanWorld_info

Rekishi no Tabi
Dude dares to use Tokugawa Yoshinobu’s portrait as his avatar… and runs a wicked flicker and twitter feed… also a Samurai Archives contributor.
photo stream:

Art Historian who has opened up my mind to Okinawan and Ryūkyū art and history. He’s also helped me understand formal Edo Period art in general.

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