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Fun Link Friday: 400th Anniversary of Japan-British Relations

In Japan on June 21, 2013 at 5:31 pm

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As I just wrote about Miura Anjin (William Adams) today, this was very timely.

There are only a few foreign samurai that we know of today. The most famous and well documented is a certain Englishman who inspired many books and even movies.

Here’s my blog from today for future people who stumble across this link:

What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies?

Although 2013 is already half over, the history nerd in me still feels the need to promote this fabulous factoid and fun link, which came to me earlier this year as a website announcement:

4002013 marks the 400th anniversary of Japan-British relations. King James l sent Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hidetada presents and a letter, which were received in September, 1613. The letter survives in Tokyo University. Ieyasu received a telescope – the first ever sent to Asia – and Hidetada a precious cup and cover. The Shogun reciprocated with two suits of armour (which are extant), and Ieyasu gave five pairs of gold screens (lost) and a shuuinjo, which survives in Oxford University. A vast number of events is planned for 2013, including a major show at the British Museum which will open 400 to the day after the date of the shuuinjoWe aim for ‘400 connections for…

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