Edogawa Fireworks 2010

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Every year I attend the Edogawa Fireworks Display in, you guessed it, Edogawa, Tokyo. While the Sumidagawa (Sumida River) Fireworks have a lot of prestige for being so old and traditional, they are really crowded and the average person gets herded along the street like cattle and in between buildings you can catch a glimpse of a firework or too. Unless you have a friend with a nice view from their home, you’re better off skipping it.

But the Edogawa (Edo River) fireworks can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. There are no tall buildings, so it’s cooler and breezier — and you can actually SEE the fireworks.  Imagine that!  🙂

I put together some video footage I recorded this year and uploaded it to youtube. So, check it out.

By the way, I’ve added some annotations to the video which I think you can only see if you watch directly from youtube’s site. So don’t watch the embedded video, actually double click the video so it jumps to youtube’s site.  It’s shot from an iPhone 4, so if you have the bandwidth, watch in HD format!

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(I know this was about a month ago, so sorry it’s taken so long to update this, but I’ve been busy. 勘弁してくだせー)


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    1. thanks!!

      Japanese fireworks are the best in the world! and they continue all summer long all across the country☆彡

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