Best Shoyu Rāmen in Tokyo?

My last two posts were about rāmen, I didn’t want to make another ramen post for a while…  but I happened upon a rāmen joint that just opened in my neighborhood 3 weeks ago — and let me tell you! This place is no joke!
The name of the shop is JIRAIGEN.
(地雷原 in Japanese, and here is the map!)
The name means “minefield” – as in this shit’s gonna be a flavor explosion all up in your mouth.

When I saw the name, I immediately made the connection with one of my all time favorite rāmen joints, BASA NOVA.  Just like Basa Nova, it had groovy hip hop music playing…  actually it had a really good vibe.  The interior was casual but clean and funky – like the music.  The staff was extremely friendly and seemed really serious about their work.  I instantly knew this place HAD to be good.

We went in and tried their Garyu Umami Soba Rāmen.
All I have to say is this is one of the best shōyu rāmen I’ve ever had.  Take a look at the pictures and take a look at that beautiful soup, those perfectly boiled thin noodles, and those succulent grilled slices of chāshū!!  Let the pictures do the talking — then go and taste for yourself.  I guarantee you’ll love it!!

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