Ramen References for the People

Just a quick follow up to my TOP 5 RAMEN SHOPS IN TOKYO.

Before I try a new ramen shop, or if I get a craving for ramen but I’ll be in a part of town where I don’t know any next level ramen, I usually check the Ramen Database.  This site is an awesome user maintained database of ramen shops in Japan.

You can search by location, name, styles — almost anything!  There are rankings and user submitted reviews.  The site is only in Japanese.

ramen database page for KAOTAN RAMEN

There are a few English websites that are easily found via Google.
One that I came across today looking for pictures for my last post was this GO RAMEN!
I didn’t really look at the site much, but the guy who runs it seems pretty down with ramen, so I’ll go ahead and recommend it to you.  Oh…  and he started working at my favorite ramen shop in Tokyo, Bassa Nova!!!

the page on goramen! where he talks about BASA NOVA


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