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KAOMOJI – Japanese Smileys

In Japanese Slang on December 27, 2009 at 10:12 am

Today I’m showing a list of my favorite 顔文字 (kaomoji) – or japanese smileys.
In America we use really boring ones like : ) ; ) but the Japanese have really elaborate ones. And when you enter certain words, certain smileys will come up. Most Japanese cellphones have user customizable dictionaries, so if you want certain words to convert to certain smileys, you can program it that way. As an iPhone user, I don’t have a customizable dictionary. So the best I’ve been able to do is make lists in the Notes section and copy and paste them when I want to use them. It’s a real pain in the ass, actually. But I have 5 pages of my favorites, which I will just re-post here. (I’m heading out the door to eat yakiniku in a few minutes, so I needed something quick for today’s blog entry.)

(this page assumes your computer supports japanese characters)

顔文字 Kamoji is combined of two words
かお kao   “face”
文字 もじ moji  “letters, writing”

some of them are self-apparent, but i’ll include a few explanations…

this is samurai doing a formal bow on the floor 土下座, you can see his top knot between his two eyes (丁髷).
( -_-)凸
this is me giving you the finger.
taking a note of your stupidity

( ・ω・)ノ――――@゜クルクル
this is me playing with a yo-yo

this is a nerdy expression you can say when something great is about to happen.
i use it tongue in cheek.

キタ━━━ヽ(∀゜ )人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人( ゜∀)ノ
━━━ !!!!!!!!
the same, just nerdier…

コネェ━━━━━━(゜A゜;)━━━━━━ !!!!!
this is the opposite.  something great isn’t going to happen.

( *´ー)(ー`*)ネェw
this is two people agreeing with each other.
in japanese, it says “NE” – which is a particle to confirm something.

YE━━━━━━ d(゜∀゜)b ━━━━━━S


ハッ! φ(゜o゜*) ヤッパリチガウ……〆(。_。*)

モ(゜∀゜)━ウ( ゜∀)━(  ゜)━(  )━(`  )━ダ(Д` )━メ(´Д`)━ポ(;´Д`)━━━!!!

JR━―━―━(゜∀゜)━―━―━― !!
riding on the JR trains………

┐(´ー`)┌ ワカンナイ!!!
shrugging your shoulders cuz you don’t know something…




ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ
really happy!





scared and nervous







high five














writing stuff down







making the V sign for “peace” that japanese people always do in pictures…



゛☆⌒o(*^ー゜) オッケー♪
he’s saying OK!!!!

┐(´ー`)┌ ワカラン
shrugging shoulders, “i dunno”

shrugging shoulders, “i dunno”

ε( ´,_つ`)3

むしゃむしゃ( ´)Д(`)
chowing down on food






(´・ ∀・`)あはあは

this is a thought bubble, where it says せりふ you write what you’re thinking to yourself

right? right?

(`・∀・´) えっへん!
What’s the hell???

Σ(*’0′)*’0′)/ アレハナンダ!!
what the hell is that?

+゜:。£ονё゜:。(*´∇`)´∇`*) 。:゜£ονё+゜:。
lovey dovey

that looks freaking delicious!


ε3(σ_σ*) クシャクシャ (σーσ*)ノ⌒°□ ポイ

(/ _ ; )
slapping your hand on your forehead and crying…  oh no!




taking a note

shooting star


samurai doing a formal bow




(T . T)

( ? _ ? )


whistling or winking at you




♪( ´▽`)
listening to music


awwwww yeah!


legs spread (for sex)

explosive laughter





put a picture of the thing you are about to eat where the red line is.  it’s stuffing your face.

awwwwwwww yeah!
mαrky( -_-)凸

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  1. i like to use this one!

    “i can’t hear you!! I’m not listening to you!!”

  2. p(^^)q →ガンバル!I’ll hang on!(?) じゃないかな。。。

    |(-_-)| キカザル→I don’t wanna listen!

    |||-_||| サダコ
    ですね、“The Ring”のキャラクター。
    英語版でいうと、”|||-_||| Samara…” になるでしょう。

    m川゚Д川m サダコ



  3. dibbs, i’m gonna go with satoshi on this, i think that kaomoji is a guy with two fists clenched like the japanese do when they say 頑張るぞ! or 頑張れ!

    but funny, now that you said it… it does sort of look like a guy covering his ears saying “i can’t hear you!!!” pretty funny!



  4. I like to use this: ヽ( ・Д・)ノ┌┛Σ)Д`)ノ

  5. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ~ Awesome


    p(^_^)q ~ eating with chopsticks 😉

  6. […] hangulatjelek helyett (kaomoji) én csak grafikus hangulatjeleket (emoji) […]

  7. How u type this?

  8. Reblogged this on angelswiftie and commented:
    was useing these in a computer test when my whole class finished 30 mins early.

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  12. This is great, thanks.
    Do you know what this one means?

    • Like many kaomoji, the meaning can be ambiguous without context. I’d say this has 3 possible readings that immediately spring to mind. One, confusion. Two, worry. Three, headache or bodily pain.

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